When did Cisco sg200-50p Poe smart switch come out?

Cisco SG200-50P 50-port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch Series Cisco Small Business 200 Series Smart Sw Overview Product Overview Status End of Sale Release Date 18-JAN-2011 End-of-Sale Date 04-OCT-2018

What do you need to know about Cisco 200 series switches?

● Power over Ethernet (PoE): Cisco 200 Series switches are available with PoE on both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet models. This capability simplifies the deployment of IP telephony, wireless, video surveillance, and other solutions by allowing you to send data and power to network endpoints over the same network cable.

How to reset the 200 series managed switch?

After the reset, you can access the GUI and set a new password. This article explains how to manually reset the switch on the 200 and 300 Series Managed Switches. Step 1. Hold the switch Reset button on the front of the switch for 15 to 20 seconds until all port LEDs glow. The switch reboots. Step 2.

How to SSH to a sg200-50 for Dummies?

1. If required, change the default VLAN by using the Configuring Default VLAN Settings section. 2. Create the required VLANs by using the Creating VLANs section. 3. Set the desired VLAN-related configuration for ports and enable QinQ on an interface using the C onfiguring VLAN Interface Settings section.

How to enable SNMP and login on Cisco small business?

Log into the switch’s web interface. Click SNMP in the left-handmenu. Click Communities. Click Add. Enter the IP address of the Auvik collector and the community string you wish to use. Click the checkbox for Read Only. Click Apply, then Close.

How to configure SNMP community on a switch?

Community names are shared keys between the SNMP management stations and the devices. This document aims to show you how to configure an SNMP community on a switch. It assumes that SNMP Views has already been configured for the device.

What is the Cisco 200 Series smart switch administration guide?

Cisco Small Business 200 Series Smart Switch Administration Guide 6 Contents Identifying Smartport Type 139 Using CDP/LLDP Information to Identify Smartport Types 140 Multiple Devices Attached to the Port 141 Persistent Auto Smartport Interface 142