What kind of model trains does Brawa make?

Brawa manufactures a wide range of model railroad products with an emphasis on fine detail and quality. Brawa offers locomotives and rolling stock with detail that rivals much more expensive brass models. They are also well known for their finely detailed signals, lights and electrical accessories for HO, TT, N and Z scales.

What kind of rolling stock does Brawa make?

Brawa has recently start producing rolling stock and details in O scale to complement O scale models from Lenz and other manufacturers.

What does Petco love do for Brawa animal shelter?

BRAWA is honored to receive a $25,000 lifesaving investment from Petco Love. Together we’re partnering to save pet lives! #PetcoLovePartner This money will help offset medical needs of so many animals at the shelter and get them the much needed spay/neuter surgeries to help fight the over pet population in our community.

When to order replacement parts for Brawa cars?

Monday – Thursday, 1 – 3 p.m. BRAWA has a vast stock of replacement parts. You can order many parts, however tiny it is. This further underlines the value of our models. Each product pack contains a detailed replacement parts list that you can use to order spare parts from us.

Is the Brahma 88 a good ski for intermediate skiers?

The redesigned Brahma 88 is a more natural flexing ski and as a result it’s more versatile and more fun. Through the moguls and trees, the ski felt forgiving enough to maneuver through variable terrain, but still had the power with two layers of metal to cut through chopped up snow and crud. Ideal for high intermediate to expert skiers.”

What’s the length of a blizzard Brahma ski?

Marcus Shakun had the opportunity to test both the 183 and 189 cm lengths. “Just when you think the Brahma couldn’t get any better. It’s more forgiving, it’s smoother in and out of turns. It’s snappier, making it more playful, while still being quick edge to edge, powerful, stable, and versatile.

How to apply for adopt Brawa Barren River Animal Welfare Association?

All potential adopters can pre-qualify by submitting an Adoption Application / Adoption Questionnaire. We will contact you with approval within 24 hours after submission to make a meet & greet appointment.