How much do HVAC techs make in CT?

The average salary for an HVAC technician in Connecticut is around $62,270 per year.

What is the highest paying HVAC jobs?

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related HVAC Technician Jobs in the U.S.

Job Title Annual Salary Weekly Pay
HVAC Manager $72,515 $1,395
HVAC Service Manager $71,176 $1,369
Work From Home HVAC DDC Technician $70,636 $1,358
Work From Home HVAC Hospital $70,458 $1,355

How much does HVAC pay an hour?

How Much Does an HVAC Technician Make? The average salary for an HVAC tech in the U.S. is $24.57 per hour. HVAC salary data by state: Connecticut has the highest average salary at $52.93 per hour.

How much does an HVAC apprentice make in Connecticut?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $47,311 and as low as $19,629, the majority of HVAC Apprentice salaries currently range between $27,681 (25th percentile) to $34,727 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $39,760 annually in Connecticut.

How much does a journeyman electrician make in CT?

Salaries by years of experience in Connecticut

Years of experience Per hour
1 to 2 years $28.58
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years
More than 10 years $36.18

What is HVAC technician?

An HVAC or HVACR technician installs, repairs, or maintains heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems that control the temperature and air quality in buildings. In some cases, an HVAC technician may specialize in installation, repair, or maintenance.

Can HVAC technicians make 100k?

Believe it or not, HVAC techs can actually make upwards of 100,000 per year, although it is pretty difficult to achieve this number. To make this amount of money as an HVAC tech, you would have to work excessive overtime and would likely wear yourself out.

Who makes more HVAC or plumbers?

A plumber earns just a little less, with a median annual salary of $50,620. HVAC technicians earn the lowest wages of the three, with a median annual income of $45,110.

What is HVAC salary?

Per BLS data, the median salary of HVAC technicians as of May 2016 was $45,910. The highest 10 percent of earners in the HVAC field earned upwards of $73,000.

How long is a HVAC apprenticeship?

two to five years
Apprenticeships take two to five years to complete, depending on the trade. Prior education and related work experience are considered when determining the length of the program at registration. Flexible classroom training options are generally available to meet the specific needs of apprentices and their sponsors.

What is a HVAC Journeyman?

A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) journeyman, or HVAC contractor, is a highly trained technician who installs and repairs HVAC systems. People in this job try to give the most effective and economical heating and cooling options to their customers.

What is the average hourly rate for an electrician in CT?

Salaries by years of experience in Connecticut

Years of experience Per hour
1 to 2 years $30.66
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years $35.68
More than 10 years $37.93