Can I use an 11 speed cassette on a 10 speed hub?

Can you put an 11-speed mtb cassette on a 10-speed freehub? Yes, you can. All mountain bike cassettes are made to fit standard HG freehub.

Will 11 speed fit my hub?

Registered. In the MTB world a regular (non XD) 11 speed cassette will fit on a 8-9-10 speed freehub body. 11 speed road cassettes require a slightly wider 11 speed specific freehub body. But, if you have a spare 2,5 minutes put on your 11 speed cassette and you’ll see.

Can I use an 11 speed crank on a 10 speed bike?

An 11-speed crank will perform equally well on a 10-speed system. No one has shown that there is any difference in ring spacing. The chains have the same internal width, so don’t know the difference.

Can you fit an 11 speed cassette on a 9 speed hub?

The 11 spd cassette will fit fine on the freehub. The problem may be the 9 spd RD won’t handle the 46t cog. Derailleurs have a spec capacity and max cog size. Capacity is the difference between the smallest and largest cog plus the difference between the smallest and largest chainring.

Can I replace a 9 speed cassette with a 11 speed?

You’ll need to change the chainwheels and the cranks, the rear derailleur, the brake-shift levers, the cassette and the chain of course. The rear wheel probably has an older hub but then if you’re lucky and the hub is designed for 10-speed as well it will also take 11.

Are 10 and 11-speed crankset the same?

Don’t know about Shimano – but Campag 11 speed cassettes are the same width as 10 speed – so the gap between the sprockets are smaller. This requires a smaller chain. With Campag, the separation between the chainrings are the same, so you can mix 10 and 11 speed chainsets without issue.

Are 10 speed and 11-speed chainrings the same?

The spacing between 11-speed chainring teeth centers is not narrower than on 10-speed chainrings. In some cases, it is even a bit wider on 11-speed. So your system will perform pretty much the same as it does now if you were to replace your 10-speed chainrings with 11-speed ones.

How do you tell if my bike is 10 or 11 speed?

Multiply the front gear number by the rear gear number to get the number of speeds. For example, if you have two front gears and five back gears, you have a 10-speed bike.

Can you fit 10 speed cassette 9 speed hub?

The most you should need to do to allow a 10 speed cassette to work on most 9 speed hubs is install a spacer behind the cassette to make sure the cassette seats tightly. You can put a new 10 or 11 speed cassette on any of the older 9 speed hubs.

Can a 10 speed hub fit an 11 speed cassette?

Plus, if that were the case, by installing an 11sp mtb cassette (like XT m8000) you would still need said spacer. No, 11speed mountain cassettes are slightly wider than 10/9/8 speed ones, so newer Shimano free hubs come with a small spacer (only 1 or 2 mm) so they’re still compatible with older drive trains.

Can You Covert ” Old ” Zipp 10 speed to 11 speed?

“The difference between a 10 speed cassette and an 11 speed cassette is 2 mm and you use a 1 mm spacer with a 10 speed cassette. I just looked at the freewheel on one of my wheels and it looks like it would be pretty easy to take a Dremmel to it and get that other 1 mm to convert your own 10 speed wheel to 11 speed. ” Do you think it will work?

How to upgrade a cassette to 11 speed?

The last step is to smear some light grease on the outside of the cassette to help the cogs slide on and prevent corrosion. With your rear wheel ready to accept your new 11-speed cassette, the rest of your build should go smoothly. Have fun!

Can you put an 11 speed MTB on a 10 speed freehub?

Let’s answer a few key short questions on the topic first. Can you put an 11-speed mtb cassette on a 10-speed freehub? Yes, you can. All mountain bike cassettes are made to fit standard HG freehub. 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12-speed cassettes for Shimano splined freehubs.