What was the first episode of Running Man?

Episode 74: The Super Powers Episode This was the first of the “Running Man” episodes to allow the members to use “superpowers.” Part of the Christmas special, the episode starts off with the usual banter and fun between the cast.

Who are the guests on Running Man Episode 213?

The popular idol groups of 2NE1 and 2PM were guests on the show, along with artists Jo Jung Chi, Yoon Jong Shin, and Muzy. Apart from the entertaining race and Gary’s epically funny mistake, the real star of this episode was Yoo Jae Suk’s horrendously ugly shirt. 2. Episode 213: It’s Okay, I’m a Chaebol!

Who was not in episode 188 of Running Man?

Song Ji-hyo did not appear in episode 188 due to schedule conflicts. Only Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-soo, Ji Chang-wook, Lee Sung-jae, and Skull appeared in the Taiwan section. Song Eun-yi originally was supposed to appear as well, but eventually did not due to schedule conflicts.

Where did Gary go on the Running Man?

Gary received a “Sherlock” travel trip to London and will go with Haha who had also previously received a trip to London [see ep 285]. Haha & Park Mi-sun must pay for the dinner. The other guests received R golden employee ID cards as a token of gratitude.

When does Running Man episode 74 come out?

EPISODE 74. Broadcast on December 25, 2011. Merry Christmas Running Man! We meet up with each of our cast members who receive a special invite to a RM Christmas party at a secret location. It’s a couples-only event, so find a date! They’ll need to procure one by sharing a pair of gloves.

How does the Running Man special series work?

The members “traveled back in the time” to the second Best of the Best Match, giving the members a second chance at changing the results. Instead of being alone, now the Running Man members are accompanied by heroes with special powers. However, the heroes do not know of their superpowers so they must complete a mission to obtain their superpowers.

Who are the members of the running man team?

Team members are listed in alphabetical order from Team Leader, to Members and to Guests. As some episodes consisted of road missions and were not confined to a single landmark nor was a landmark officially recognized on-air, the landmark shown for those episodes is the final mission venue .