What happened to Sealine?

Sealine, which has been in Kidderminster for 41 years and employed about 300 people, went into administration at the end of April. Administrators said the brand name had been bought and assets would be sold off before the site in Kidderminster closes and is put up for sale.

Who makes Sealine?

HanseYachts AG

Owner Aurelius SE
Produced by HanseYachts AG
Country Germany
Introduced 1972
Website www.sealine.com

Where is Sealine based?

An established luxury boat company based in Worcestershire could be sold. Sealine, in Kidderminster, is one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of boats, including luxury yachts, and has been trading since 1972.

What is a Sealine?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a sea outline (as the horizon or coastline) 2 : a line used in the sea (as for sounding or deepwater fishing)

What does Sealine mean?

1 : a sea outline (as the horizon or coastline) 2 : a line used in the sea (as for sounding or deepwater fishing) sealine.

Where are greenline boats made?

Greenline Yachts are built in Slovenia, a country praised for its intact nature and sustainable mindset of its inhabitants.

Where are Cranchi boats made?

Here reigns the rationality and builds the beauty The production of Cranchi yachts is totally Made in Italy and is concentrated in two factories in the region of Lombardy.

What does sea mean?

1a : a great body of salt water that covers much of the earth broadly : the waters of the earth as distinguished from the land and air. b : a body of salt water of second rank more or less landlocked the Mediterranean sea. c : ocean.

What is a hybrid boat?

A hybrid combines an electric motor and combustion engine to propel a boat through the water, so you can quietly cruise knowing you’ve got fuel to get home if you drain the batteries. A clutch enables switching between the electric motor and combustion engine for propulsion.

How much does a silent 80 yacht cost?

Silent Yachts is quietly establishing itself as a major player in the marine game. The Austrian-based builder, whose solar-powered fleet continues to grow apace, has just sold the first three Silent 80 Tri-Deck catamarans for roughly $6.7 million apiece.

What is a Cranchi?

A46 Luxury Tender The newborn in the range of Cranchi Yachts is a Luxury Tender of 46 feet, with distinctive features that make it ideal as a dayboat or express cruiser.