Is Bohler N690 steel good?

Excellent Edge Retention N690 Bohler Steel is extremely fine grained creating a blade that will retain its sharpness when subject to periods of use. Having cobalt mixed into the steel creates an uncommon uniformity providing a fine and consistent edge, enhancing edge retention and sharpening receptivity.

Is N690 better than VG-10?

N690CO vs AUS 8 AUS 8 is a type of upper-midrange steel and is tagged as a decent all-around performer. It has been in the world of steel for quite some time. While an AUS 8 edge is easier to sharpen and its knife is more affordable, N690CO is better at maintaining a sharp edge as well as keeping corrosion at bay.

Is N690 steel easy to sharpen?

I’ve made a couple of knives from N690 myself and I’ve made the experiance that the flexibility of blades hardened to 60 HRc and higher is very good and it holds an edge for quite a while. I also found that this steel is not too difficult to sharpen, even at a higher HRc – also much like VG-10.

What is N690 steel comparable to?

N690 is an extremely ubiquitous and popular steel among knifemakers in Europe. Strength and toughness are comparable to that found on VG-10 or 154CM. This steel has extremely good corrosion resistant properties.

What is K110 steel?

K110 more commonly known as D2, is a high-carbon, high-chromium, semi-stainless tool steel. Due to its outstanding hardness, strength, wear and abrasion resistance, K110 has excellent characteristics for making extremely rugged blades and hand tools.

Is it worth it to buy Bohler n690 steel?

N690 is a great steel. Only had one knife in it and it already became a favorite steel. Takes a killer polish without much effort, and is pretty wear resistant. If I ever get a chance to get a knife in N690 on a good deal I won’t pass it up. Bohler N690 stainless steel is a very good all around conventional steel used a lot in Europe.

Which is better VG10 or Bohler n690?

It has seen some duty since and is still poppin hairs. I would add that N690 is said to be similar to VG10, a good mid-level SS that can be sharpened without too much effort. M390 in Bohler Uddeholm’s own words is a very high carbon & chromium alloy that will thus hold a keen edge but be more challenging to sharpen than N690.

Is the Bohler N695 better than the 440C?

N695 is suppose to be an improved 440c, but Id say its about the same givin the specs.. Its very close to the 440c made by Latrobe.. This class of steels are better than people give them credit for mostly because of lackluster mass production heat treats of the past..

What makes n690co steel a good steel?

Wear Resistance: the steel offers great wear resistance, due to his chemical composition (Principally Chromium, Vanadium) that’s close to the premium steels. Sharpness: N690co steel is very easy to sharpen. Machinability: the N690co is very great for machinability thanks to the amount of Molybdenum in it.