Is Aztek airbrush discontinued?

To that end, we are discontinuing our PACTRA, AZTEK, and Model Master brands as demand for these products continues to decline. We will continue to support the hobby market with a robust line of aerosols, brush paints, tools and accessories – always looking for opportunities to innovate in these categories.”

Is Paasche a good airbrush?

It’s my first ever airbrush, but it’s great. I love all the accessories it comes with, it allows me to paint models very well. It comes with the various needles and nozzles and nozzle caps to do just about anything you need to do, as well as things you probably don’t need, but it’s nice to have, such as the fan aircap.

Is Testors model paint still made?

The Testors line of paints, both enamel and acrylic, are still being manufactured and there are plans to expand the color lines. If you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. They are still making enamel paints, however.

Are testors enamels good?

Turns out, the Testors enamels are perfect for glass and my love affair with these paints began! In my opinion, nothing comes remotely close to the durability and smooth finish like these amazing paints when it comes to glass, metals, ceramics, plastic and pretty much anything.

Can you use a regular air compressor for airbrushing?

Yep, absolutely works. As others have mentioned, the regulator on a shop compressor usually isn’t precise enough for airbrush work, so having an additional regulator leading into the airbrush for fine control is a good idea.

What kind of airbrush system does Aztek make?

Depending on how many kits one can build over a period of one month, once can reach an assessment on *any* airbrush system. Most of the bad rap Aztek gets is from folks that come on board already predisposed. I have been using AZTEK for well over a decade and currently own a Paasche Talon and a Badger Velocity.

How does the Paasche H airbrush tip feel?

The H has a real quality feel. The chrome is beautiful and the plastic handle has obviously been polished. The needle and tip are not chrome plated and appear to be stainless steel. The trigger has a snappy feel. I understand that earlier versions of this brush had some control over air flow by varying trigger pressure.

What can you do with an Aztek AB?

There is NO airbrush task we can not do with an Aztek AB, period. One has to know the Aztek nozzle system first in order to get the max out of the system and trust me, mastering any AB takes more than a month.

Do you need to know the Aztek nozzle system?

One has to know the Aztek nozzle system first in order to get the max out of the system and trust me, mastering any AB takes more than a month. From fine detail to spattered nozzle for special effects, I can do absolutely everything any Paasche, Iwata or Badger can do at a fraction of the time.