What to make for dinner at a campfire?

30 Easy Camping Meals to Make Campfire Cooking a Breeze. Camp Breakfast. Credit: Soup Loving Nicole. View Recipe. Great for breakfast or a fun dinner, this hearty skillet meal has everything you need for a Summer Corn Chowder. Camping Pasta with Clam Sauce. Camp Soup. Grilled Sausage with

What’s the best way to cook at a campsite?

All of the following recipes use just a single piece of cookware (pot, skillet, foil packet, pie iron, etc), feature quick-cooking ingredients, and contain elements that can be prepared ahead of time at home, saving you time at your campsite!

What are some good camping recipes for kids?

Bonus! 3 Easy Camping Recipes for Kids 1 Orange cakes Orange cakes are an easy and fun dessert to make with your kids. The idea is simple : take a cake mix… 2 Big ol’ breakfast burrito This is a great big breakfast. In this recipe we’ll be putting the ingredients in a… 3 Some Dogs Like it Hot More

What to make in a cast iron skillet for camping?

Whether you’re whipping up a hearty and delicious breakfast for your camping crew or you’re doing the always crowd-pleasing breakfast for dinner menu, this skillet hash will become a go-to for camping trips. All the ingredients go right into the skillet making this not only easy to make but easy to clean-up as well.

How to cook spam on a campfire?

Add frozen hash-brown potatoes, enough for one serving, and form a well in the center Add Spam (cubed, diced, crumbled) on the potatoes, avoiding the egg Bring together the top and bottom sides of the foil, pinching together to form a seal Fold the left and right sides in, and place on a grill or campfire until cooked evenly (about 15 minutes)

What to make with spam on the trail?

Hikers who expend a lot of calories on the trail love the ease of Spam for adding a lot of protein into rice dishes. This recipe from The AV Club offers a quick version of simple Spam fried rice. Note: this meal is best prepared in a large, wide-edged skillet, or preferably a wok. Start by dicing 1/2 of a container of Spam, and add to a hot skillet