How do you remember the femoral artery?


  1. P: profunda femoris (deep femoral artery)
  2. M: medial circumflex femoral artery.
  3. L: lateral circumflex femoral artery.
  4. D: descending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral artery.
  5. P: perforating arteries.

What is the mnemonic navel used for?

NAVEL is a mnemonic for remembering the neurovascular structures that travel deep to the inguinal ligament into the femoral triangle. The deep femoral artery arises in the femoral triangle. It passes deep to the adductor longus and gives rise to perforating arteries that supply the posterior thigh.

What is the difference between femoral artery and vein?

Anatomical terminology In the human body, the femoral vein is a blood vessel that accompanies the femoral artery in the femoral sheath. It begins at the adductor hiatus (an opening in the adductor magnus muscle) and is a continuation of the popliteal vein.

What passes through the femoral triangle?

It enters the thigh from the popliteal fossa through the adductor canal, passing superiorly in the thigh towards the femoral triangle. In the femoral triangle, the femoral vein is located medial to the femoral artery….Contents.

N Femoral Nerve
A Femoral Artery
V Femoral Vein
E Femoral Canal (Empty Space)
L Lymphatics

What is the function of the femoral triangle?

The femoral triangle is a wedge-shaped area located within the superomedial aspect of the anterior thigh. It acts as a conduit for structures entering and leaving the anterior thigh.

Where do you take a femoral pulse?

The femoral pulse should be easily identifiable, located along the crease midway between the pubic bone and the anterior iliac crest. Use the tips of your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers. If there is a lot of subcutaneous fat, you will need to push firmly.

What is the artery in your thigh called?

femoral artery
The femoral artery moves through this opening, and enters the posterior compartment of the thigh, proximal to the knee. The femoral artery is now known as the popliteal artery.

What is the femoral triangle made of?

The floor of the femoral triangle is comprised of the adductor longus, pectineus (medially), psoas major and illiacus muscles (laterally). The floor is gutter shaped since all the muscles forming the floor pass to the posterior aspect of the femur.