Who won the 1980 Winter Olympics hockey game?

United States
It was played between the hosting United States and the Soviet Union on February 22, 1980, during the medal round of the men’s hockey tournament. Though the Soviet Union was a four-time defending gold medalist and heavily favored, the United States upset them and won 4–3.

Who was the youngest player on the 1980 Olympic hockey team?

Ramsey was the youngest member of the U.S. team that upset the Soviet Union at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, in an event known as the Miracle on Ice.

Who did us beat in 1980 for the gold?

the Soviet Union
The 1980 United States Olympic Hockey Team will forever remain etched in our memories as one of the greatest sporting events of all-time. In fact, Sports Illustrated selected the team’s victory over the Soviet Union en route to winning the gold medal as the No. 1 sports moment of the 20th century.

What sport did Eric Heiden compete in during the 1980 Winter Olympics?

track speed skater
Eric Arthur Heiden (born June 14, 1958) is an American physician and a former long track speed skater, road cyclist and track cyclist. He won an unprecedented five individual gold medals, and set four Olympic records and one world record at the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.

Who was the coach of the 1980 Olympic hockey team?

The 1980 U.S. Olympic Team. The coach of the squad was Herb Brooks, who was no stranger to the U.S. Olympic hockey program. After being the last man cut from the gold medal team’s roster in 1960, Brooks went on to play on the 1964 and 1968 Olympic teams, as well as on five other U.S. National Teams.

Who was the US hockey coach in 1976?

Having finished fourth during the previous Olympics, in 1976 at Innsbruck, Austria, under coach “Badger” Bob Johnson, the U.S. knew it would never have a better opportunity than the one they had in front of them in Lake Placid, N.Y. The coach of the squad was Herb Brooks, who was no stranger to the U.S. Olympic hockey program.

Where was the Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament held in 1980?

The men’s ice hockey tournament at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, U.S.A., was the 14th Olympic Championship.

What was the score of the 1980 hockey game?

The Soviet Union beat Sweden 9-2 several hours later, giving it four points and the gold medal had Finland won. A U.S. tie would have given it four, but it would have been well behind the Red Army in goal differential.