Did Xabi Alonso played for Barcelona?

Xabi Alonso lived in the city of Barcelona for the first six years of his life and moved to San Sebastián (Donostia) thereafter. It was here that his passion for football began as he whiled away his childhood playing at Playa de la Concha (Shell Beach).

Does Xabi Alonso speak Basque?

Xabi Alonso, who speaks Basque, English & Spanish, was interviewed in German last week after just 2 months of lessons. Stupid footballers? @YesWeCrann Germany is not hard to learn.

How many languages does Xabi Alonso speak?

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Is Alonso and Alonzo the same?

Alonso is the Spanish and Portuguese diminutive version of Alfonso, itself deriving from an old Germanic name “Adalfuns” meaning “noble and ready.” Although the Italian spelling Alonzo is more popular in the US, Alonso has its own strong history.

What does Alonso mean in Spanish?

Origin:Spanish. Popularity:1657. Meaning:ready for battle.

Where is Xabi Alonso now?

Real Sociedad Bmanager
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Who does Alonso play for?

Is Alonso a male or female name?


Gender Male
Meaning Noble-ready
Other names
See also Alonzo, Alfonso

Is Alonso a Mexican name?

Alonso Name Meaning Spanish: from the personal name Alonso, a cognate of Alfonso.

Is Alonso a boy name?

Alonso as a boy’s name is of Italian, Spanish, and Old German origin meaning “ready for battle”.

What kind of football player is Marcos Alonso?

Marcos Alonso Mendoza (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmaɾkos aˈlonso menˈdoθa]; born 28 December 1990) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a left back or a wing back for Premier League club Chelsea and the Spain national team.

Where did Osvaldo Alonso start his soccer career?

Alonso began his career with Pinar del Río in his homeland, after which he defected to the United States in June 2007. He trained with Chivas USA and was offered a $12,900 developmental contract with the team. Eventually, Alonso opted to sign with Charleston Battery on the theory he would get more playing time on a USL First Division team.

When did Xabi Alonso sign for Sunderland Football Club?

Fiorentina. In May 2013, Alonso signed for Italian side ACF Fiorentina on a three-year deal, despite being offered a new contract by Bolton manager Dougie Freedman. On 30 December, after the player had made nine official appearances, Sunderland boss Gus Poyet announced that he would join on 1 January 2014,…

Where did Xabi Alonso play his childhood football?

It was here that his passion for football began as he whiled away his childhood playing at Playa de la Concha (Shell Beach). On the Basque sands, Alonso befriended a fellow resident of Calle Matia, Mikel Arteta, and the two would battle each other in exhibitions of technical ability.