What do you need to know about DarkOrbit Reloaded?

DarkOrbit Reloaded | MMO & space shooter DarkOrbit – Join the intergalactic struggle for control of the galaxy Engage the thrusters and prepare for battle in the free space MMO. Team up with millions of space pilots for a bitter fight to the end

What do you get when you beat the Kronos gate?

The Kronos gate awards a crown after beating the new company, Saturn. The Kronos Gate awards you with a crown symbol replacing any rings you may have.

Is there a portal to a new galaxy in DarkOrbit?

A portal to a new galaxy – the Kronos Gate ! Complete other known Galaxy Gates, starting with the Alpha Gate all the way through the Lambda Gate, to collect the individual parts for this extraordinary gate. Note: the “x” means the numbers of ships/npc`s who will come in wave.

What to do in DarkOrbit the ultimate browser games?

The vast expanse of DarkOrbit awaits! Choose your spacecraft and make for your battle station poste-haste to lend a fighting hand to the efforts of mankind and vanquish the alien vermin threatening the existence of man. Take up the fight as you range the galaxy at the helm of your very own space ship.

What kind of game is DarkOrbit space shooter?

DarkOrbit is the ultimate space shooter. Explore the endless expanses of universe in one of the best and most exciting online browser games ever produced. Brave all dangers and go where nobody’s ever gone before – either alone or with others. Set a course for undiscovered galaxies and seek out new lifeforms!

How many people play DarkOrbit in a day?

While other browser games claim to be multiplayer, they simply cannot hold a flame to DarkOrbit’s massive community: over 80 million active players blast off each and every day. Thanks to You and yours, DarkOrbit is the premiere cult online space games.

How do you start your journey in DarkOrbit?

Begin your journey through space in DarkOrbit by selecting one of three rival factions – each replete with their own philosophy of achieving victory in this interstellar fight.