Is the 1790 census online?

The National Archives has the census schedules on microfilm available from 1790 to 1940, and online access is available through our digitization partners (free at any National Archives facility).

Did Kentucky have a state census?

Kentucky did not take any state censuses.

Why is the census sealed for 72 years?

Since 1942, all censuses have been made available to the public 72 years after the census was taken (73 years in the case of the 1900 census). As of this writing (October 2019), the last census that has been made available is the 1940 census. The census is sealed for 72 years because of life expectancy.

Has the 1921 Census been released?

The 1841–1911 censuses have been released to the public, but the 1921 census won’t be released until 2022 due to a “100-year” privacy rule. (And the 1921 census will be the last to be released for England and Wales for decades; 1931 returns for those two countries were mostly destroyed in a fire.)

What major event happened in 1790?

President George Washington delivers the first “State of the Union Address” on January 8, 1790. Benjamin Franklin dies on April 17, 1790 in Philadelphia, PA. Washington, DC, is established as the capital of the United States, in 1791. The U.S. Post Office Department is established on February 20, 1792.

Are there census records for the state of Kentucky?

The 1790 and 1800 census records for the state of Kentucky no longer exist. However, there are still published tax records from that time available. They can fill in a lot of the missing census information for researchers. The federal census for Kentucky from 1890 included a Union veterans and widows schedule.

What was the population of Kentucky in 1790?

1. Names of heads of families 2. Free white males of 16 years and older, including heads of families. 3. Free white males under 16 years. 4. Free white females, including heads of families 5. All other free persons 6. Slaves The returns for Kentucky showed: 15,154 Free white males of 16 years and older, including heads of families.

Is the census of Virginia complete for 1790?

As the Federal census schedules of the state of Virginia for 1790 are missing, the lists of the state enumerations made in 1792, 1783, 1784, and 1785 have been substituted and, while not complete, they will, undoubtedly, prove of great value.

When did the slave census start in Kentucky?

There are Industry and Agriculture Schedules 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880. Slave Census Schedules exist for 1850 & 1860. The Mortality Schedules for the years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880.