Who are the main characters in Gintama series?

“Once a Samurai decides to protect something, he protects it to the very end!” Shimura Shinpachi (志村 新八, Shimura Shinpachi) is a member of the Yorozuya, a samurai in training, and one of the three main protagonists of Gintama.

Who is Shimura Shinpachi’s sister in Gintama 2?

5 years in the future, Shinpachi seems to have caught up to Kagura and (past) Gin in fighting ability, in the 2nd Gintama movie. Shimura Tae: Shinpachi’s older sister. They care about each other very much to the point that Gintoki says Shinpachi has a sister complex.

Who is the courtesan of death in Gintama?

Tsukuyo (月詠, Tsukuyo ), also known as the Courtesan of Death (死神太夫, shinigami tayuu ), is a highly-skilled ninja, specializing in the usage of kunai, having trained under the infamous assassin and then-Leader of the Hyakka, Jiraia.

What kind of character is Tsukuyo in Gintama?

As a consequence of this character trait, Tsukuyo doesn’t hesitate for a moment to throw her kunai (most of the time directed at Sakata Gintoki ). Beyond her tough and stoic exterior, however, Tsukuyo is kind at heart.

Kagura. Kagura ( 神楽, Kagura) is a member of the Yorozuya and the main female protagonist of Gintama. She is a member of the Yato Tribe, the daughter of Umibouzu, and the younger sister of Kamui, one of the main antagonists of the series. During her childhood Kagura lived in the slums of a faraway planet with her father, mother and older brother.

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What’s the name of the Android in Gintama?

Little scene in the end of episode; Krillin, Vegeta, Nappa; Gintoki becomes Yamcha (includes Tenkaichi Budokai, Vegeta and Bulma parodies); This is for Krillin!; Dr. Gero, the Androids, Krillin;

What happens to Kagura and Gintoki in Gintama?

Katsura, Kagura, and Gintoki were in charge of exploring the island. They found a giant box in the forest. While Gintoki was about to touch it, Katsura stopped him but he accidentally touched the box. Gintoki managed to save Kagura by pushing her but a gas came out of it and turned him and Katsura into old men.