What Sia music videos is Maddie in?

Maddie Ziegler in Sia’s ‘Music. ‘ Go back and watch the music video for Sia’s “Chandelier” if you haven’t seen it in a while.

Is Maddie from Dance Moms in Sia’s music video?

Dance star Maddie Ziegler has had a career that most of us could only dream of! She appeared on Dance Moms, voiced a character in the animated film Ballerina, and danced in music videos for Sia.

What is the third video Maddie did with Sia?

Big Girls Cry
On 2 April 2015, “Big Girls Cry” was released as the third single in the United Kingdom. Sia performed “Big Girls Cry” live on Australian television show, Sunrise on 21 April 2015….Big Girls Cry.

“Big Girls Cry”
Recorded 2013
Length 3:31
Label Monkey Puzzle RCA
Songwriter(s) Sia Furler Christopher Braide

Does Sia like Maddie?

We really have.” Speaking to HuffPost in an interview in early 2020, Sia had earlier said that she was like a bodyguard to Maddie. Opening about her relationship with the young lady, Sia asserted, “As soon as I met Maddie, I felt this extreme desire to protect her and I think that it was part of my own healing.

Who is Sia to Maddie Ziegler?

Of course, Ziegler’s relationship with Sia has extended far beyond just a professional one. Today, the pair considers one another to be family and Sia is Ziegler’s godmother. The “Move Your Body” singer has purchased the dancer a car and even pays for her 24-hour protection as she feels responsible for Ziegler’s fame.

How is Sia related to Maddie Ziegler?

Are Maddie Ziegler and Sia related? Of course, Ziegler’s relationship with Sia has extended far beyond just a professional one. Today, the pair considers one another to be family and Sia is Ziegler’s godmother.

How old was Maddie in chandelier?

She gained wide notice, at the age of 11, by starring in the 2014 video for “Chandelier” by Sia, who discovered her on Dance Moms.

How many Sia videos has Maddie Ziegler done?

She was the standout star of the show, a gifted dancer with natural talent from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who made her TV debut when she was just eight. But it was her collaborations with Sia (six more videos, a Grammy performance, concert appearances) that turbocharged her budding career.

Does Maddie Ziegler live with Sia?

In 2017, Maddie told People she’s been living with Sia, and referred to her as “my second mum”. “I’ve actually lived with (her) this year more than I have with my actual family, so it’s fun.”

Is Maddie Ziegler Sias goddaughter?

Maddie Ziegler is Sia’s goddaughter. The two have continued working together and formed a tight-knit relationship. Sia eventually became the dancer’s godmother. On a January 2019 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Ziegler called Sia “the best person in my life.”

What was the first song Maddie Ziegler sang with Sia?

1. “ Chandelier ” music video (2014) This is the collaboration that started it all. The music video, which currently has over 1.6 billion views, sealed Ziegler’s place as an up-and-comer and launched Sia into super-stardom.

How old is Maddie from Sia Big Girls Cry?

Sia and Dance Moms ‘ Maddie Ziegler Release New Music Video. The “Big Girls Cry” video features 12-year-old Ziegler – who has become a fixture in Sia’s music videos over the past year – in her signature platinum wig delivering a powerful performance by only moving her upper body and using her facial expressions.

Who is the girl in the Sia video?

Maddie Ziegler, the dance prodigy and “Dance Moms” star, is featured in yet another Sia music video released Tuesday (Sept. 19). This time, she co-stars with animated ponies that don animated

Why is Sia in a relationship with Maddie?

Many social media users rushed to Twitter to slam Sia over her relationship with Maddie. One user said, “Sia’s relationship with Maddie is extremely weird. Why is someone in their forties obsessed with and calling a child their best friend.”