Is crime high in the Bahamas?

Country Summary: The vast majority of crime occurs on New Providence (Nassau) and Grand Bahama (Freeport) islands. In Nassau, exercise caution in the “Over the Hill” area (south of Shirley Street). Violent crime, such as burglaries, armed robberies, and sexual assault occur, but generally not in tourist areas.

Are the Bahamas Safe 2020?

Nassau and Grand Bahama have the highest crime rate and gang activity. There are certain areas you should avoid to stay out of trouble. Armed robberies, property theft and assault or the most common crimes. Luckily, you’ll hardly find any crime in the outer and more remote islands.

How many murders were there in the Bahamas in 2019?

In 2019, the total number of people murdered in the Bahamas amounted to 95, up from 91 murders reported a year earlier.

What is the motto of the Royal Bahamas Police Force?

Care, Respect, and Trust
“To Fulfill our mandate for policing The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, in partnership with all citizens, residents, and visitors, by serving them with Care, Respect, and Trust.

What is the population of the Bahamas in 2020?

Population of Bahamas (2020 and historical)

Year Population Yearly % Change
2020 393,244 0.97 %
2019 389,482 1.00 %
2018 385,637 1.02 %
2017 381,755 1.01 %

Do Bahamas police carry guns?

According to PSA Treasurer Corporal Kirk Bastian, the RBPF has always been considered to be an unarmed force, meaning all officers cannot carry state-issued firearms at all times. He said that police can only brandish police-issued firearms and ammunition within their hours of duty.

Who is Prime Minister of Bahamas?

Hubert MinnisSince 2017
The Bahamas/Prime minister
The prime minister of the Bahamas is the head of government of the Bahamas, currently Hubert Minnis. He was sworn in as Prime Minister on 11 May 2017, succeeding Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) leader Perry Christie. This was a result of the FNM’s victory in the Bahamas general election of 10 May 2017.

What is the safest island in the Bahamas?

Any of the outislands of the Bahamas would be very safe. Harbour Island would probably be at the top of that list, as would Cat Island, The Abacos , Eleuthera and Long Island.

Is Bahamas dangerous?

The Bahamas has more than 700 islands, with about two dozen of these inhabited, so it’s hard to generalize about crime and safety from one place to the next. Statistically, Nassau is the most dangerous place in the Bahamas, followed by Grand Bahama.

Are Bahamas safe?

There are obviously parts of life in the Bahamas that are not safe in some areas: crime, poverty, corruption. This, however, is balanced out by the positives of living in the Bahamas: friendly people, laid-back lifestyle, great weather and simple living.

Is Grand Bahama safe?

Though not entirely crime-free, the Out Islands are generally safer than New Providence and Grand Bahama. These relatively unspoiled islands boast pristine beaches and luxurious resorts and hotels, making for relaxing Bahamas vacations and eco-adventures.