What is the advantage of novel drug delivery system?

1.2 ADVANTAGES OF NOVEL DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM: Reduction in the number and frequency of doses required to maintain the desired therapeutic response. Reduce the total amount of drug administered over the period of drug treatment.

What do you mean by novel drug?

Novel drugs are often innovative products that serve previously unmet medical needs or otherwise significantly help to advance patient care and public health. NMEs have chemical structures that have never been approved before.

What are novel drug formulations?

Novel Drug Formulation Procedure is an innovative drug development method which focuses to employ the novel methodologies developed by pharmaceutical industry for a specific intentional use in pharmaceutical Research and development.

What are the different types of drug delivery systems?

Figure 1: Different routes of drug delivery.

  • Buccal drug delivery.
  • Nasal drug delivery.
  • Ocular drug delivery.
  • Oral drug delivery.
  • Pulmonary drug delivery.
  • Sublingual drug delivery.
  • Transdermal drug delivery.
  • Vaginal/anal drug delivery.

What is the new drug delivery system?

Drug delivery systems (DDSs) are developed to deliver the required amount of drugs effectively to appropriate target sites and to maintain the desired drug levels. Research in newer DDS is being carried out in liposomes, nanoparticles, niosomes, transdermal drug delivery, implants, microencapsulation, and polymers.

What novel treatment means?

Novel therapies are therapies entirely new to veterinary medicine either because they are genuinely novel and have not been previously used in the context of a medicine, or new only to the veterinary domain, although well known in terms of research, and possibly in the context of human medicine.

What is mean by novel drug delivery systems?

Novel Drug delivery System (NDDS) refers to the approaches, formulations, technologies, and systems for transporting a pharmaceutical compound in the body as needed to safely achieve its desired therapeutic effects. NDDS is a system for delivery of drug other than conventional drug delivery system.

What is drug delivery technology?

Drug Delivery Technologies (DDTs) is one level down from the pharmaceutical industry and involve the administration of pharmaceuticals to a patient for therapeutic effect through various methods such as absorption and inhalation. Regardless of the potency of any given medication,…

What is a medication delivery system?

Drug delivery systems are methods which are used to ensure that drugs get into the body and reach the area where they are needed. These systems must take a number of needs into account, ranging from ease of delivery to effectiveness of the drugs.