Where does the white wire go on a 4 way switch?

Attach the black and white/blue traveler wires entering the 4-way switch box to the “in” terminals, often the top terminals on the 4-way switch – black on the left top pole and white/blue on the right top pole. Some 4-way switches may have the “in” and “out” pairs opposite each other, rather than top and bottom.

Which wire goes on the black screw on a 3 way switch?

Three-Way Switch Wired In As marked before from the original switch, one wire (either power in, or the wire to the light fixture) goes to the black terminal, two wires go to the brass screws, and the bare copper wire (not visible here) goes to the ground screw.

Why are there 4 wires on my light switch?

A light switch has 4 wires sometimes – 2 white and 2 black wires. The whites are connected together with a short third wire; which is called a pigtail, connecting to the silver screw on the pull chain fixture. Controlling this light from a wall switch is an easy first time electrical project.

How to wire a 4 way light switch?

In order for our light arrangement to work, all is left to do is to connect white (neutral) wires, that come from both 3-way switches, together and connect both of the ground wires as well (while leaving a little piece to have it connected to the 4-way switch. Here is a video on how to do it (better to see once, than to hear twice):

Can a 4 way dimmer be used as a 3 way switch?

4 Way Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagram This is the wiring for a dimmer in a 4 way circuit. Three-wire cable runs between all the switches and 2-wire cable runs to the light. To make this circuit work, a 3 way dimmer can be used in place of one, or both of the standard 3 way switches.

Where does the hot wire go in a 3 way switch?

The electrical source is at the first 3 way switch and the hot wire connects to the common there. The circuit neutral is spliced at each switch box through to the light fixture using the white wire.

How many screws are in a 4 way switch?

What is a 4-way switch? A four-way switch is a special complex device that is composed of 5 screws (or terminals) in total, which include: (2) common terminals, (2) traveler terminals, and (1) ground terminal: