When was USQ founded?

University of Southern Queensland/Founded

How old is USQ?

About 54 years (1967)
University of Southern Queensland/Age

What is census date USQ?

USQ search The Census date is: the date which your enrolment is considered finalised for the Semester. the last date you can withdraw from a course (subject) without receiving a financial penalty.

Is USQ a good university?

The 2018 edition of The Good Universities Guide highlights University of Southern Queensland’s success in delivering outstanding graduate outcomes in its community. The Good Universities Guide can reveal that USQ students go on to be some of the most highly employed graduates in the country.

What is USQ known for?

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is Australia’s leading regional university and is renowned for its innovation and excellence in education, student experience, research and engagement.

How many universities are in Ipswich?

Universities in Ipswich

Universities, Colleges 3
Healthcare, Medical 3
Commercial, Private, 2
Educational institutions 1

What does USQ stand for?

About USQ – University of Southern Queensland.

How do I defer from USQ?

If you have enrolled in your first semester of study, but have not received any grades, you will need to apply for deferral by sending an email to [email protected] If you choose to defer you, the standard length of deferral is one year. You can return earlier than this if you like you just need to send us an email.

What time are USQ results released?

Semester 1

Date Description
29 Jun 2021 ICT Maintenance Evening – 8:00pm until 12:00am
30 Jun 2021 Semester 1, 2021 results released
02 Jul 2021 End of semester break concludes
19 Jul 2021 Semester 1 Deferred/Supplementary Alternate Assessment Pilot for selected courses commences

What rank is USQ?

University of Southern Queensland Ranking 2019-2020 – Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

Institution Name University of Southern Queensland
World Rank 1385
National Rank 33
Quality of Education Rank
Alumni Employment Rank 894

How many students are at USQ?

24,756 (2008)
University of Southern Queensland/Total enrollment

What’s the history of the University of Southern Queensland?

As part of the anniversary celebrations a University Timeline has been developed to provide a summary of the University’s development over its 50 year history through highlighting institutional key events, milestones and achievements.

Where is the USQ Springfield campus in Queensland?

USQ Springfield campus USQ Springfield campus opens, heralding the start of USQ’s “Western Corridor strategy”. Queensland College of Wine and Tourism Queensland College of Wine and Tourism (QCWT) established at Stanthorpe. USQ launches new Research Plan USQ launches new Research Plan and significantly increases investment in research.

How old is the University of Southern Queensland Ipswich?

USQ Ipswich campus USQ acquires Ipswich campus from University of Queensland, greatly enhancing our presence in the Western Corridor. 50/25 USQ celebrates its 50th year as a higher education provider and 25th year as a university.

When does the second semester of University of Southern Queensland start?

Semester 2 commences on Monday 12 July. Application closing date for most degrees is Monday 15 November, 2021. Current or previous USQ students return to study applications close 7 days prior the semester commencement date. Semester 3 commences on Monday 15 November.