What is Flender gearbox?

Committed to the future. For more than 40 years Winergy gearboxes and generators ensure that wind turbines all over the world convert wind power into electrical energy: reliable, efficient and at low lifecycle costs. In this way we contribute to further decreasing the costs of energy production from wind in the future.

What does Flender do?

Flender, which was founded more than 120 years ago and is headquartered in Bocholt, Germany, supplies mechanical and electrical drive systems including gearboxes, couplings, generators and associated services. It employs about 8,600 people globally and generated around €2.2bn in revenues during the 2020 fiscal year.

Is Flender Siemens?

ZURICH (Reuters) – Siemens has completed the sale of its Flender mechanical and electrical drive systems business to Carlyle Group for an enterprise value of 2.025 billion euros ($2.41 billion), the German engineering company said on Wednesday.

What is Flender coupling?

Elastic FLENDER couplings are mateable and easy to assemble. The elastomer element compensates for shaft misalignment and absorbs impacts from the motor or work machines.

What are the types of gear box?

Different Types of Gearbox

  • Helical gearbox.
  • Coaxial helical inline gearbox.
  • Bevel helical gearbox.
  • Skew bevel helical gearbox.
  • Worm reduction gearboxes.
  • Planetary gearbox.

What is a helical bevel gearbox?

The helical bevel gear refers to the tooth line on the crown wheel of the production shape, and is a straight bevel gear that does not pass through the top of the cone. The large and small gears of the helical bevel gear pair have equal and opposite spiral angles.

What does Flender mean?

: chiefly in break (or fly) into flinders. Word origin. ME (northern) flender < Scand, as in Norw flindra, splinter < IE base (s)plei-, to split > split, splint, flint.

Who bought Flender?

Siemens AG (Munich, Germany) has successfully closed the sale of Flender GmbH to The Carlyle Group for €2.025 billion (enterprise value). In October 2020, Siemens announced its plans to sell the specialized supplier of mechanical and electrical drive systems to Carlyle.

What kind of gearbox do you get from Flender?

Flender gearboxoes range from universal standard gear units through application-specific gear units to customer-specific solutions. Technology proven in service hundreds of thousands of times and experience going back more than 110 years are proof of Flender’s expertise. Having trouble finding a replacement for your Flender motor or gearbox?

Which is the most comprehensive range of Flender gear units?

The FLENDER® helical and bevel-helical gear unit portfolio is by far the most comprehensive range of industrial gear units in the world. It includes a multifaceted range of universal gear units, application-specific gear units and customer-specific solutions.

How many Flender gearboxes does GBS International have?

GBS was invited to assist with the replacement of the starboard outer hydraulic clutch plates. The vessel is equipped with four W9L32 Wärtsilä diesel engines driving two propeller shaft via two Flender gearboxes. Each gearbox has two hydraulic Ortlinghaus clutches.

Are there any trademarks associated with Flender gear?

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