What does the term Outpouching meaning?

(One outpouching is a diverticulum; two or more are diverticula). Age causes a weakening of the walls of the colon and this weakening permits the formation of diverticula.

What is Driveout?

: to cause or force (someone or something) to leave They drove the invaders out. The family was driven out of the neighborhood by rising real estate prices.

What does stening mean?

: a lining (as for a well) of stone, brick, or other hard material to prevent caving in or washing away of soil.

Does inhabitation mean?

: the act of inhabiting : the state of being inhabited.

What is the root word of diverticulosis?

“blind tube” (anatomical), 1728, from Modern Latin, from Latin deverticulum “a bypath,” from devertere “to turn aside” (see divert). Related: Diverticulitis (1900).

What does this word mean diverticulosis?

Medical Definition of diverticulosis : an intestinal condition characterized by the presence of diverticula in the colon that is typically symptomless but may be marked by symptoms (as bleeding or constipation)

What is it called when you give up?

To yield to someone or something. surrender. capitulate. fall. relent.

What is stent called in Spanish?


Principal Translations
Inglés Español
stent n (medicine: tube) endoprótesis nf inv El artículo femenino muestra la diferencia entre plural y singular. Ejemplos: la crisis, las neurosis, la tesis.
(voz inglesa) stent nm Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.
The doctor put a stent into the patient’s blood vessel.

What is a stent procedure called?

Angioplasty is often combined with the placement of a small wire mesh tube called a stent. The stent helps prop the artery open, decreasing its chance of narrowing again. Most stents are coated with medication to help keep your artery open (drug-eluting stents).

What is Slock?

slock (plural slocks) An improvised weapon consisting of a padlock placed in a sock, common in prison environments.

Which is the best definition of the word outpunch?

: to outdo or surpass in punching : to punch more than or more effectively than … the millions who watched former boxing world champion Holly Holm outpunch Ronda Rousey to set up a stunning upset … — Lance Pugmire Recent Examples on the Web But will the public be able to stomach the lengths to which the NFL might have to go to outpunch a pandemic?

Which is the best definition of out of touch?

Definition of out of touch 1 : not communicating with each other I don’t know if he still lives there. We’ve been out of touch for some time. 2 : in a state of not knowing what is happening, how certain people feel, etc. I’ve been away from the business for several years and feel quite out of touch.

What is the kids definition of a pouch?

Kids Definition of pouch. 3 : a pocket of folded skin especially for carrying the young (as on the abdomen of a kangaroo) or for carrying food (as in the cheek of a hamster)

Which is the best example of the word outpour?

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