Can you live at McMurdo Station?

2. You Can’t Visit McMurdo as a Tourist. While there are of course exceptions for special guests such as Anthony Bourdain or documentary crew, generally speaking, the only people staying in these research facilities are people paid to live in Antarctica (i.e. researchers and support staff).

What is the name of the US station in Antarctica?

McMurdo Station, located at 77 degrees 51 minutes S, 166 degrees 40 minutes E, is the largest Antarctic station. McMurdo is built on the bare volcanic rock of Hut Point Peninsula on Ross Island, the solid ground farthest south that is accessible by ship.

Is there alcohol at McMurdo station?

And McMurdo, the largest settlement on the continent, has three bars. But drinking on the job or during work hours is a big no-no. It’s also illegal to distill or brew any spirits on the base.

Why is the US in Antarctica?

The United States has strong diplomatic interests in Antarctica. In particular, the United States seeks to promote Antarctica’s status as a continent reserved for peace and science in accordance with the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959.

How many people live in McMurdo Station?

It houses around 150 people during the summer and 50 during the winter. The other stations are McMurdo Station, located on Ross Island , and Palmer Station , on Anvers Island . McMurdo is the most populous of the bunch, with 800 to 900 people residing there in the summer and nearly 150 during the winter.

Does McMurdo Station have a greenhouse?

The greenhouse at the United States Antarctic Program’s McMurdo Station holds perhaps the most important patch of vegetation on the continent. To anyone not living there, it probably wouldn’t be all that impressive — just 200 square meters of plants, fruits and vegetables, including lettuce, tomatoes and pansies [source: SpaceRef]. However, when you’re living in the harshest environment on the planet, a roomful of plants and vegetables is an amazing thing, especially considering they all

What is the largest research station in Antarctica?

McMurdo Air Force Base is the largest research station in Antarctica. It is located on the tip of Ross Island , on the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf .

What are the stations in Antarctica?

The Palmer Station, the McMurdo Station , and the South Pole Station are just some of the stations that Antarctica visitors can hope to visit. Others include Vostok Station , which is found in the coldest place on earth, and Mawson Station , which is the oldest continuously occupied station south of the Antarctic Circle .