What is the difference between Boa Vista and Sal?

The most significant difference between Sal and Boa Vista are the activities on the islands. Both islands have various landmarks that make islands worth visiting. Sal and Boa Vista are excellent for beach holidays. Sal offers a wider variety of activities year-round.

Why is the island of Sal in Cabo Verde called Sal?

History. The island was discovered on 3 December 1460 and named Llana (“flat”). This name was changed into the current “Sal” when the two large salt ponds (Pedra de Lume and Santa Maria) were discovered.

Is Boa Vista a volcanic island?

Boa Vista (Portuguese for “good view”), also written as Boavista, is a desert-like island that belongs to the Cape Verde Islands. At 631.1 km2 (243.7 sq mi), it is the third largest island of the Cape Verde archipelago….Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

Nickname: Ilha das dunas (island of the dunes)
Official website www.municipiodaboavista.com

Which part of Cape Verde is best?

Which Cape Verde Island is best for you?

  • BEST FOR FAMILIES – BOA VISTA. With a name that means “beautiful view” Boa Vista does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • BEST FOR COUPLES – SAL. If you’re dreaming of some just-the-two-of-us time, Sal is the island to go for.

Is Sal Cape Verde safe?

Crime. Although Cape Verde remains a peaceful and safe place with a very low incidence of crime, theft has increased as a direct consequence of tourism.

Where did the name Boa Vista come from?

The name Boa Vista has its origin in the exclamation “Captain, good sight (boa vista)”, instead of the traditional “Land at sight”, due to the joy of a sailor in the dormer window of a sailing vessel which faced a fearful tempest.

Where is the city of Sal Rei Cape Verde?

Sal Rei is a city on the northwestern coast of the island of Boa Vista in eastern Cape Verde. Sal Rei is the island’s main urban settlement, and the seat of the Boa Vista Municipality.

What kind of island is Boa Vista in Cape Verde?

People familiar with Cape Verde assume that Boa Vista will be serious competition for the island of Sal with regard to tourism in a few years. The landscape here is also characterised by deserts of sand and scree.

Where does the name Sal Rei come from?

Sal Rei is the island’s main urban settlement, and the seat of the Boa Vista Municipality. In 2010 its population was 5,778. The name of the settlement means “Salt King” in Portuguese. This name stems from when the island’s main industry was salt production.

Which is the easternmost island of Cape Verde?

The easternmost and third-largest island of Cape Verde definitely does justice to its name – Boa Vista: beautiful view. While mass tourism has already reached the smaller neighbouring island of Sal, life on Boa Vista is a bit more authentic.