Is Akismet anti spam worth it?

Akismet without doubt is probably the best anti-spam WordPress plugins available. If you have a lot of comment spam and you find you’re taking too much time on your blog monitoring the good comments from the bad etc., then Akismet is definitely worth the price.

Is akismet Free 2021?

Pricing: Free. You can also upgrade to Akismet Plus for more advanced protection, which costs $10 per month for one site.

Is akismet still free?

The short answer is yes, it’s still free for personal use.

How do I get my Akismet API key for free?

Easy Way To Get Free Akismet API Key

  1. Click on “Get your key.”
  2. Under the “Personal Contribution” plan, select ” Basic : Use Akismet for Free on a personal site”.

Can I remove Akismet anti spam?

Every new install of WordPress comes with two plugins – Akismet Anti-Spam and Hello Dolly. They are disabled by default, but many people never use them and wonder if they can be deleted. The short of it is – YES you can delete them.

What is the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress?

Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

  • Titan Anti-spam & Security.
  • Stop Spammers.
  • Antispam Bee.
  • WordPress Zero Spam.
  • WP Armour.
  • Disable Comments.
  • Hide My WP.
  • Captcha Plus.

Is Akismet spam protection free?

Akismet is offered using a freemium pricing model, so the plugin itself is free to download and use with the option to upgrade to a premium plan for more features. Akismet Basic, Free: Includes comment spam protection for your personal WordPress powered website.

Is Clean Talk Free?

CleanTalk is a free anti spam plugin which work with the premium Cloud AntiSpam service

What is Akismet anti-spam?

Akismet is a service that filters spam from comments, trackbacks, and contact form messages. The filter works by combining information about spam captured on all participating sites, and then using those spam rules to block future spam. Akismet is offered by Automattic, the company behind

How do I disable Akismet on WordPress?

You can’t disable Akismet at Your blog would be overwhelmed by spammers if you did. But you don’t need to disable it to allow your readers to post comments without your intervention.

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