Can we see the questions while listening in IELTS?

Q: Will I have the question paper in front of me while listening? You will then be given time to write your final answers more clearly on the answer paper, at the end of each recording. If you are doing computer-delivered IELTS, then you will see the questions on the screen and answer them as you listen.

How does IELTS listening solve map based questions?

Tips for Maps

  1. Check the location of each number on your map.
  2. Think of language that might be used to describe that location.
  3. Look for any arrows on the map.
  4. Answers to questions will come in order (the answer for question 1 will come before the answer for question 2 in the recording)

How read IELTS map listening?

Listening Strategy Read the question carefully. Understand the map or plan and its features. Ask yourself where things are in relation to the questions. This should help you predict the answers and follow the talk.

How many times can you retake IELTS?

There are no limitations on taking the IELTS exam. You can attempt the test as many times as you want till you acquire your desired IELTS score. However, the retake of the exam costs the same as the first attempt of the test.

How can I map in ielts?


  1. Paragraph 1- Paraphrase Sentence. Paraphrase question using synonyms.
  2. Paragraph 2- Overview. Make two general statements about the map.
  3. Paragraph 3- Main Body 1. Three to four sentences about specific changes that have occurred.
  4. Paragraph 4- Main Body 2.

What are the questions for the IELTS listening sample test?

The IELTS Listening sample test in this lesson will teach you how to answer map and plan labelling questions. These come up regularly in the exam and are particularly common in Section 2. The subject for plan questions will typically be a tour of a specific building such as a hotel or museum, or the description of a place.

How to answer a map or plan IELTS question?

This post will help you answer labeling map or plan IELTS questions more effectively by looking at common problems, useful language and giving you a strategy to use on test day. Source: Cambridge English IELTS Past Papers.

Do you have to label a map in IELTS?

Labelling a Map in IELTS listening. Listening to directions for a map can be quite tricky for some people. In IELTS listening you often get a map where you have to listen to someone giving directions and then label that map. This lesson should help you when you are faced with this in the exam.

Why are there too many questions in IELTS?

Too much information. This question requires you to not only listen but to also follow a description or directions, understand the map or diagram and write short notes, all at the same time. Spelling. A common problem in all IELTS listening questions, but particularly in this type of question because you have to do so many things at the same time.