What kind of ceramic kiln does Skutt make?

All the Ceramic Kilns Skutt makes are pictured below sorted by Kiln Series. Scroll down to the series that interests you and choose a model you like by clicking on the photo. Here you will find detailed information about Features, Specifications and Price specific to that model.

Do you need Peep plugs for a Skutt kiln?

Skutt Kilns should arrive fully assembled. Peep Plugs – attached to the kiln stand, enough to fill each peephole on your particular model. All Skutt products, with the exception of parts, need to be purchased through an Authorized Skutt Distributor.

Where can I find the kilnsitter owners manual?

This is the most current KilnSitter Owners Manual. If your kiln has a “KS” at the beginning of the model name, this is the correct manual for you. The model name can be found on the serial plate on the side of the control box. This manual is for Models KS1227-3, KS1027-3, KS1027, KS1018-3, KS1018, KS818, KS714, KS614 and KS609.

How to choose a glass fusing kiln for your home?

All the Glass Kilns Skutt makes are pictured below sorted by category. Click on the image of the kiln you are interested for more detailed information. If you need help choosing a model we highly suggest you use the Build A Kiln tool to help you with your selection. Just click on the Build A Kiln tab above to start.

Can a glass kiln be used for ceramics?

These smaller kilns are perfect for the beginning glass artist on a budget or with limited power or space. Most of these kilns can be set on a non-combustible counter for use and then easily stored out of the way in a closet after they have been fired. Some can fire both glass and ceramics. Fast!

Do you need a touchscreen for a kilnmaster?

This required using upgraded components like heavier gauge wires, more robust relays and ways of connecting the elements. The end result is a Kiln Series that requires less maintenance in Production environments. Production Series kilns can be equipped with either the KilnMaster Touchscreen or or standard KilnMaster Controller.