Is there a bus from Tel Aviv to Amman?

You can take a bus from Tel Aviv to Amman via Jerusalem Central Bus Station/Unloading, Jerusalem Central Bus Station 3rd Floor/Platforms, Allenby Bridge Junction/Road 90, Allenby Bridge Junction/Road 90, King Hussein Bridge, and King Hussein Bridge in around 4h 20m.

How do I get from Israel to Jordan?

Useful Information

  1. You will have to take a 15-20 minute bus ride from the Israeli side of the crossing to the Jordanian side.
  2. On the Jordan side, a taxi journey from the border to Amman takes about an hour and costs 25-35JD.
  3. There are also buses and minibuses available to Abdali Station in Amman.

Can you travel from Tel Aviv to Jordan?

Visiting Jordan independently is simple enough. There are daily public buses and shuttles from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to Eilat. From there, you can cross into Jordan via the Wadi Arava border. Most nationalities are eligible for a visa-on-arrival.

Can you fly from Tel Aviv to Amman?

There are 3 nonstop flights per day traveling from Tel Aviv to Amman, for an average of 26 flights per week.

Can Jordanians travel to Israel?

None! Israel allows tourists from every single nation, even those that do not recognize Israel. Every nationality is allowed to enter Israel, but some need a visa approved in advance. Check out our article on visas to Israel to see which type of visa you’ll need for your journey.

Is Jordan friendly to Israel?

On 26 October 1994, Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty, normalizing relations between them and resolving territorial disputes, including water sharing. The treaty adjusted land and water disputes, and provided for broad cooperation in tourism and trade. In 1996 the two countries signed a trade treaty.

Can I visit Jordan after Israel?

Navigating the Land Crossings It is possible to cross the Israeli border into either Jordan or Egypt — but not to Syria or Lebanon. While an Israeli officer shouldn’t stamp your passport upon exiting or entering, we have heard reports of select TPG readers having their documents stamped at land crossings.

Can you drive into Jordan from Israel?

It is not possible to drive from Israel into Jordan with a rental car but there is a car park at the border crossings for those who intend to return to Israel. Those who have their own privately registered vehicle can drive from Israel to Jordan as long as the owner of the vehicle is present for the entire journey.

Does Jordan border Israel?

According to the Green Line agreed upon in the 1949 Armistice Agreements, Israel is bordered by Lebanon to the north, the Golan Heights under Syrian sovereignty as well as the rest of Syria to the northeast, the Palestinian West Bank and Jordan to the east, and by the Palestinian Gaza Strip and Egypt to the southwest.

How do I get from Tel Aviv to Petra?

The second option to get to Petra is to take a flight. You’ll find domestic flights available from Tel Aviv to Eliat for around $90 USD per person. You can then transfer by land to Petra. Tel Aviv also offers flights to the Jordanian capital Amman, with Royal Jordanian Airlines operating two to three per day.