How does a Fender Deluxe Reverb work?

The Deluxe Reverb is a 22-watt tube amplifier (at 8 ohms), powered by a pair (“duet”) of 7408/6V6GT power tubes, one GZ34/5AR4 rectifier tube, four 7025/12AX7 tubes for preamplification and tremolo oscillation, and two 6201/12AT7 tubes driving the reverb and phase inverter circuits.

Who plays a Fender Deluxe Reverb?

It has appeared on thousands of albums over the years and has been played by, not only blues guitarists but rock, country, and funk players of all kinds. The Beatles used it on many albums in the late 60’s. Fender claims the Deluxe Reverb is the most recorded amp in history.

How heavy is a Fender Deluxe Reverb?

42 lbs.
Weight: 42 lbs.

Where do I mic my Deluxe Reverb?

With Deluxe Reverbs I like to mic the front and back of the amp because it is an open back design. I put a sm57 about 6 inches to 1 foot away from the front speaker (or wherever I can find a sweet spot).

How many amps does a Fender Deluxe Reverb draw?

Compare to Similar Best Sellers

This item: Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb 1×12″ 22-watt Tube Combo Amp – Black $ 1,499 .99 + FREE Shipping 84 reviews
Total Power 22W
Speaker Size 1 x 12″
Preamp Tubes 4 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7
Power Tubes 2 x 6V6, 1 x 5AR4 (Rectifier)

What kind of reverb does a Fender reissue Deluxe use?

You’re will not experience any vintage vibe with a brand new Reissue Deluxe Reverb with new tubes and a super efficient Jensen C12n or C12k rated at 50 or 100W; Everything is too efficient with loads of glassy sparkle and attack, some call it harsh and icy. The Oxfords can actually offer the vintage vibe, like it or not.

When did Fender Reverb amp become popular on eBay?

Since the year 2002 we have observed, by monitoring the amp market on US ebay, that low wattage amps have increased dramatically in popularity. Nowadays (2012) you can score a big 6L6 vintage Fender amp for the same price as a Deluxe Reverb or Princeton Reverb.

Why are Fender Concert and Super Reverb amps different?

The Concert and Super Reverb get 41% less negative feedback than all the other 6L6 amps due to their 2 ohm output. Fender used the same NFB circuit in the 6V6, 2x6L6 and 4x6L6 amps even though their power amps put out different voltages.

What kind of reverb does a Fender Frigidaire use?

AA763/AB763 Tube layout (Seen from behind, V1 is to the right side) V4 12ax7 = 1/2 Reverb recovery and 1/2 gain stage for vibrato channel