How do you get the wind staff in origins?

How to Make the Wind Staff

  1. Acquire the yellow Wind Record.
  2. Find all three staff parts that are located in the feet of the giant robots.
  3. Get the Black Disc & Gramophone.
  4. Pick up Elemental Crystal by teleporting to the secret room.
  5. Create the Wind Staff below the spiral stairs by using the parts.

What are the best staffs in origins?

Wind Staff – Can be gotten early (like the Ice Staff), but can also take a long time depending on whether the robots want to co-operate or not. Has low ammo, but is by far the best at saving you in your time of need.

How do you get the wind Staff disc?

To obtain the Staff of Wind, the player must gather three parts of the staff and the elemental crystal, as well as the gramophone and the correct records to access the Crazy Place and the lower levels of the Excavation Site. The staff parts can be found in the Giant Robots’ heads, each of the three robots holding one.

Where do you get the staffs in origins?

Staffs – Basics. There Are Four Staffs In Origins, each one of them consists of three parts and an elemental gem and can be build below PaP in the main chamber which has to be opened with the gramaphone using the black record (Lies around PaP) Obtaining The Elemental Gem. To obtain the elemental gem you have to go through the portal to

How does the staff of wind work in Call of Duty?

— Richtofen while killing zombies with the upgraded wind staff. The Staff of Wind is one of four buildable elemental staffs in the map Origins . The Staff of Wind shoots blasts of wind when fired, (similar to the Thundergun ), and will instantly kill zombies at point blank range until round 23 and knock back any zombies further away.

What do you do with fire staff in origins?

Fire staff upgrade MUST be kills made with the fire staff, NOT regular bullets like the guide says. You forgot to mention the wind staff upgrade requires you to shoot the smoke towards excavation site. Guys anyone want custom matches with me in origins bo2. I always take the fire staff so you can take any others.

Where is the riddle in staff of wind?

First, the player must solve the riddle located in the Crazy Place, located in the Wind part of it. Above the portal, there are four concentric rings with four symbols spread evenly on them.