Can a union member be denied representation?

1.5 If the member is denied representation It is for the member to decide how to proceed with the member’s own case. However, if UNISON is to provide representation, then this must be on a basis agreed between the member and representative.

What is a UNISON representative?

Our volunteer workplace reps play a vital day-to-day role in helping UNISON members. They are organisers who talk to, recruit and organise members around workplace issues, hold meetings, undertake surveys and help run ballots. They are representatives and spokespersons for members in their workplace. …

Are there any circumstances when is it not appropriate to provide representation UNISON?

You do need to be aware of UNISON’s ‘four week rule’ – we cannot offer representation to new joiners if your employment issues predate your joining date or occur in your first four weeks of UNISON membership.

Is a union recognition agreement legally binding?

3.9 The Employer and the Union accept that the terms of this agreement are binding in honour upon them but do not constitute a legally enforceable agreement.

How soon after joining Unison can I be represented?

4 weeks
After 4 weeks, you’re entitled to the full support available to any member of UNISON, up to and including full representation in formal meetings and legal advice (unless this is for a ‘pre-existing issue’ – see below). Or you can join using a membership form.

What benefits do I get with UNISON?

Being a member of UNISON gives you a huge range of benefits, from legal and welfare services to financial help for education and training. Members also get discounts on a range of financial services plus special payments on death, accident or fatal accident.

What does UNISON help with?

The UNISON Knowledge Base provides up-to-date and legally checked information on employment rights and key issues affecting people in the workplace and at home.

  • Contracts.
  • Discrimination.
  • Disputes and grievances.
  • Health and safety.
  • Information and privacy.
  • Support for family and friends of deceased members.
  • Leave.
  • Pay.

How soon after joining UNISON can I be represented?

Is a collective agreement legally binding?

Negotiating a Collective Agreement. Once a tentative agreement is reached between the employer and the union representatives, every union member has an opportunity to vote to accept or reject it. If at least 50% of the union members, who actually vote, accept the agreement, it then becomes legally binding.

Do companies have to Recognise trade unions?

You do not have to recognise a trade union in your workplace because you can negotiate changes to your employees’ terms and conditions with the employees themselves. Alternatively, you may refuse the request but let the trade union know that you are willing to negotiate.

Can UNISON help straight away?

As a UNISON member, you receive free legal advice and assistance for: Employment law (accessed via your UNISON branch or regional office) Personal injury – at or away from work, on holiday or on the roads.

What are some examples of member representation in unison?

Representation can sometimes be a complex matter. For example, a member may want to complain about another; or a member might seem to ask for the impossible; or there is a problem or conflict of interest involving the UNISON rep; or there is a recurrent problem that we need to deal with as a collective action.

How does unison work when you sell your home?

When you decide to sell your home, Unison will share in the appreciation or depreciation of the house as well as take their initial loan amount out of the sale price. Unison’s share of the change in value is equal to 4 times the initial loan amount. For example, a loan of 10% of the home’s value would mean Unison gets 40% of the change in price.

How much of the change in value does unison get?

Unison’s share of the change in value is equal to 4 times the initial loan amount. For example, a loan of 10% of the home’s value would mean Unison gets 40% of the change in price.

What happens when you co invest with unison?

With a home co-investment from Unison, you get cash today in exchange for a share in the appreciation or depreciation of your home. Don’t think loan. There’s no extra debt, no interest and no monthly payments. Just you, turning your dream life into your real life.