Are Novatec hubs reliable?

They are a very good quality hub, but they again are very basic looking hubs that emphasize strength and durability over looks and weight. If you’re looking to build a lighter weight wheelset, these would be a poor choice.

How do I activate hub premium?

Open the email from Esri Customer Service with the subject line: Activate your ArcGIS Online subscription. Click the activation link in the email. The Activate your organizational subscription page appears. Choose By Creating a new account and click Next.

What is Hub Premium?

ArcGIS Hub Premium enables organizations, like local non-profits, governments, or schools, that want to share a project or update with their community can start an initiative to create a site and to organize content and teams to share web maps, apps, datasets, and more with the public.

Is the Novatec A291 front hub a good hub?

Built tons of Novatec hubs, the A291 fronts are pretty good, and the other ones are probably fine as well. Let me take two seconds to debunk the “it’s only bearings and bling that differentiates OEM hubs from boutique ones” mindset, though. With these front hubs, and also a lot of other light weight fronts, they use #699 bearings, which are tiny.

What kind of bearings do Novatec MTB hubs use?

Edit: bearings are all (Japanese) made by IKO – so they should be pretty good. The front hub uses type 609 which does indeed fit a 9mm axle. Dismantly for servicing and bearing swaps, is a breeze: on the rear, two 5mm hex keys are needed to pull the left end cap, then a 10mm & 5mm key together to pull the freehub side cap.

Which is better Novatec 6 bolt hub or XT six bolt hub?

The XT six bolt hubs are noticeably heavier than their centre locks, so if you’re comparing the XTs to the Novatec’s keep that in mind. I’d say go XT. Even if the freehub fails, they are cheap to buy a whole new freehub body, and easy to relplace it yourself with the right tools.

How long does it take to replace a Novatec hub?

Wear out the cones and balls of Shimano, you can replace them. Wear out the cups and the hubs are junk as the cups are not replaceable. With Novatec and the many other Taiwan makes of similar hubs, wear a bearing out and you can replace it in 5 minutes with a $5 cartridge bearing unit.