How do you issue a sworn statement?

To write a sworn statement, prepare a numbered list of each fact to which you want to swear, and then sign the bottom below a sentence that indicates the statement is sworn and made under penalty of perjury. Sign before a notary.

What is a sworn letter?

A sworn statement is a written statement of fact related to a legal proceeding. It is signed by the declarant to state that all the content is true, and that they acknowledge that the penalty of perjury may follow if they do not tell the truth.

How do you get a sworn document?

When you swear a document you will be asked to sign it in your usual signature and then take the Bible in your right hand and repeat some words to the effect that the contents of the document are true. If you are not of the Christian faith you can “affirm” instead of swearing on the Bible.

What is another word for sworn statement?

What is another word for sworn statement?

affirmation confession
proclamation affidavit
attestation deposition
notarized statement oath
sworn evidence sworn testimony

How do you fill out a sworn statement?

Get the appropriate form for the sworn statement. Request the form from the agency or court. Fill in the form with your first and last name in the paragraph indicating that you are giving the declaration under oath. This is usually the first paragraph of the sworn statement. Write the important facts that you swear to be true.

What is the sworn statement oath?

A sworn statement is a declaration given under oath that the facts contained in the statement are true and accurate. Sworn statements carry the same weight as testimony given on the witness stand; therefore, the statements can be introduced into evidence in a court of law.

What is da 137?

DA Form 137-2 or the Installation Clearance Record is a form used during preparing for a permanent change of station – or PCS – and clearance verification before transitioning from active duty, transferring to another installation or retiring from the Armed Forces.