Why is SRAM XX1 so expensive?

A giant spread of gears. This two-piece cassette is partly why the XX1 setup is so expensive. Once SRAM figure out how to construct this cassette using a cheaper method then expect to see big cassettes on A LOT of bikes. However, as some people point out, this compromises a top-gear for absolute pedal hammering speed.

What is the difference between SRAM XX1 and X01?

XX1 is for the weight weenie, cross country racer, or light trail rider. It’s for someone who is looking to shave grams, which comes at the cost of not being quite as durable. SRAM X01 is made to take more of a beating. With more alloy parts, X01 is made for the heavy trail rider or enduro racer.

Are all SRAM Eagle components compatible?

With every Eagle technology shared from XX1 to SX families, SRAM delivers the freedom to mix and match for all E-MTB’s. Accurate and purposeful shifting Eagle components are proven to excel in long-term, high-torque E-MTB pedelec use, in all conditions.

Is Eagle AXS worth it?

When you look at GX AXS as a high end groupset, it offers tremendous value, especially when compared to X01 and XX1 AXS. While GX AXS is definitely still somewhat of a top shelf item in the bike world, it does make wireless shifting more accessible to the masses, and there’s no arguing the value that it presents!

What is the difference between SRAM and SRAM Eagle?

The difference between SRAM Eagle and 50 tooth step up rings is that it’s a ‘ground up’ redesign. SRAM owns their own chain factory in Portugal, where a surprising amount of tech goes into the highly complex chain. The new Eagle chain features flush links and very smooth internal plates for minimal noise.

Is it worth upgrading to electronic shifting?

“Exactly,’ McCarthy says. “It’s great if you have injuries, injured hands, anything that can make it hard to ride a bike, electronic shifting can help. It works the same if you have cold hands or big gloves too. If you don’t need dexterity because it’s so easy.”

How long do SRAM AXS batteries last?

These batteries last about 60 riding hours on a full charge. A full battery charge takes about 1 hour and is done using the eTap USB charging cradle. Batteries installed with a simple latch, and batteries are interchangeable from front to rear derailleur.

How much does SRAM XX1 Eagle dub crankset cost?

Sram XX1 Eagle Dub Crankset, 32T Absolute Black, 170mm Length. $344.99.

What makes the SRAM Eagle AXS XX1 better?

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Derailleur XX1 upgrades to a carbon fiber outer pulley cage plate, titanium bolts, and ceramic bearings inside the pulleys. The carbon and titanium save a few grams, but the ceramic bearings are the big upgrade. As you’ll see in the video, they spin much more freely, helping reduce drag.

Are there any SRAM XX1 cassettes left?

Cassette, Rear Derailleur, Shifter and chain. 11 Speed Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Only 1 left!

What was the original SRAM Grip Shift product?

Three decades ago, SRAM was founded on a product called Grip Shift and an idea that shifting a bike should be easier, better and more intuitive. It’s more advanced than the original, but the all-new XX1 Eagle™ Grip Shift follows in the same tradition of making shifting easier, better and more intuitive.