Why do my IUD strings feel lower?

If the strings feel longer or shorter than before, or you feel the hard, plastic part of the IUD against your cervix, the IUD may have moved. If the IUD has slipped out or moved, do not try to put it back in place on your own. Be sure to use a back-up method of birth control until you see your health care provider.

How do you know if your IUD string is out of place?

Signs Your IUD Is Out of Place

  1. You can’t feel the strings.
  2. Your strings are shorter or longer than usual.
  3. You feel the IUD itself.
  4. Your partner feels the IUD.
  5. You feel pain.
  6. You have heavy or abnormal bleeding.
  7. You have severe cramping, abnormal discharge, or fever.

What happens to IUD during period?

Some doctors prefer to insert an IUD while the cervix is softer and more open, which can happen during your period. When someone is menstruating, the cervix opens a little bit to let the blood out and that can make it easier to put the IUD in, according to Streicher. “You can have the IUD inserted at any time.

Should you check your IUD while on your period?

You can check that your IUD is in the right position by putting a finger in the vagina to feel the IUD threads coming out of the cervix. You should not be able to feel the IUD itself. It is advisable to check your IUD in this way once a month, ideally just after your period finishes.

Is a dislodged IUD an emergency?

If you think your IUD is out of place, call your health care provider asap and ask for an appointment. You definitely want to talk to them if you have severe pain, cannot find your strings, notice the strings are shorter or longer than normal, or can feel the IUD poking out.

Why do I not feel the IUD string when I Have my period?

Occasionally, IUD strings like to play hide-and-seek in your vaginal tissue. The string coils into your endocervical canal — an area in your cervix — so you can’t feel it. Thankfully, your next period may push the strings back to their original position.

What to do if your IUD moves during your period?

IUDs have strings that hang out of your cervix, which you should be able to feel. To make sure your IUD hasn’t moved, some experts recommend checking these strings every month after you get your period. This is because your IUD is more likely to move during your period. Wash your hands.

Where do IUD strings hang out of my cervix?

IUDs have strings that hang out of your cervix, which you should be able to feel.

How can I tell if my IUD is out of place?

Sit or squat so you can easily access your vagina. Put a finger into your vagina until you feel your cervix. Feel for the string ends that should come through your cervix. Avoid tugging or pulling on the strings. If you can feel the strings, your IUD is likely in place.