Is it worth to learn Objective-C?

I would say, if you are looking to develop some libraries or intend to function at a lower layer of stack, learning Objective C would still be a good option. It definitely is worth to see how objective c code works, on which swift has evolved (along with other languages).

Can you still write iOS apps in Objective-C?

Objective-C Since it is the longtime programming language used by Apple up until 2014, it is still widely supported for both iOS and macOS development. One of the strengths of Objective-C being a C family language is its compatibility with C and C++ libraries.

Is it difficult to learn Objective-C?

Speaking of stability, Objective-C has been around for a long time which makes it a very stable language. The last point, which is more important to certain companies, is compatibility with C and C++ libraries. Being that Objective-C is a superset of C, it is easy to use C and C++ code with Objective-C.

Which is faster Objective-C or Swift?

Performance. The official Apple website claims that Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. Swift and Objective-C are both statistically typed languages that use the same iOS SDK and the high-quality Low Level Virtual Machine compiler.

What is better Objective-C or Swift?

Apple claims Swift to be 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. To optimize memory management Swift employs ARC (Automatic Reference Counting). Moreover, Swift supports Dynamic libraries which boost application performance as well. Swift wins, and its advantage over Objective-C will grow.

Is Objective-C faster than Swift?

What is better Objective C or Swift?

Which is faster Objective C or Swift?

What is the difference between Objective-C and Swift?

As the performance of swift, it is 2.6x faster than Objective C and 8.4x faster than python. It got an encouraging syntax that make you write clean and consistent code. It provides improve readability and prevent errors….Difference between Swift and Objective C :

05. Swift is static type. Objective C is dynamic type.

How to make an iOS app with Objective C?

The Objective-C tutorial for beginners is designed to help you quickly learn how to make an iOS app. This Objective-C tutorial for beginners one of the rare courses that will take a beginner with no experience or knowledge in Objective-C to an advanced iOS developer.

Do you need to know Objective C to get a job?

This Objective-C tutorial for beginners is designed for an iOS developer with a background in Swift programming. For you to get a job as an iOS developer, you must have the basic knowledge and understanding of Objective-C.

What’s the best way to learn iOS development?

If you also want to get up and running quickly as an iOS app developer, we’ve picked 30 of the best free and paid iOS app development tutorials, training and courses to help you learn the basics and start making iOS apps step by step. The commonly-used languages, tools and other resources are also covered.

Which is the best programming language for iOS apps?

To get started with iOS app development quickly, the most vital thing that you need to focus on first is to learn the two main programming languages used to make an iOS app: Objective-C and Swift. Objective-C is an object-based programming language that helps you create robust and scalable apps for Apple devices.