What is the meaning behind the song Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac?

“Silver Springs” was Nicks’ tribute to the fairy-tale ending that never was. The title came from Silver Spring, Maryland: While passing through the town on tour, Nicks romanticized the name. “It sounded like a pretty fabulous place to me,” she said in the Classic Albums documentary about Rumours.

What Fleetwood Mac album has Silver Springs on it?

Silver Springs/Album

Did Don Henley write a song about Stevie Nicks?

The somber ballad “Sara” was written in the aftermath of Nicks’ relationship with Mick Fleetwood — who went on to marry Sara Rector in 1988 — as well as the singer’s unexpected pregnancy with collaborator and Eagles member Don Henley.

What year did Silver Springs come out?

Silver Springs/Released

Was Stevie Nicks pregnant?

Stevie Nicks confirmed she was pregnant and had an abortion. “But there was another woman in my life named Sara, who shortly after that became Mick’s wife, Sara Fleetwood.” According to SmoothRadio, the icon made the choice to not have children because of her demanding career.

Are Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh still friends?

Even though Walsh was the one to break it off, he speaks of Nicks fondly nowadays. In a 2012 interview with Howard Stern, Walsh said he was in love with Nicks, but more as a sister. “She’s like a soulmate, you know,” adding, “the relationship came and ran its course, as rock and roll relationships do.”

Who sings the song Leather and Lace?

Stevie Nicks
Don Henley
Leather and Lace/Artists

“Leather and Lace” is a song performed by American singers Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. It was released on October 6, 1981, as the second single from Nicks’ solo debut studio album Bella Donna (1981).

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What are the colors of Fleetwood Mac’s Silver Springs?

There was an error. @mojo pin could be blue green colors flashing are Lindsey’s eyes, and shining autumn ocean crashing are Stevie’s eyes. General Comment “I would be your only dream.”

Who is the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac Silver Springs?

The Def Leppard frontman talks about their “lamentable” hit he never thought of as a single, and why he’s juiced by his Mott The Hoople cover band. Taylor talks about “The Machine” – the hits, the videos and Clive Davis.

Why did Fleetwood Mac write I don’t want to know?

They said, ‘We recorded “I Don’t Want To Know,” ’ and I think Lindsey thought it would be okay with me because I wrote it. But I wasn’t okay with it. That always put a shadow over ‘I Don’t Want To Know,’ unfortunately, even though I love it and it came out great.

Which is the best song by Fleetwood Mac?

General Comment This is easily my favorite song by fleetwood mac. Which is saying a lot cause i was named after Sara, and my sister was named after Rhiannon. I grew up on Fleetwood Mac, and this song is just so beautiful. It always makes me tear up. There was an error.