Does Justin Guarini have a child?

Justin Guarini is a dad again. The “American Idol” season one runner-up and wife Reina Capodici welcomed their second son, Asher, on Monday.

What is Justin Guarini ethnicity?

His father, Eldrin Bell, is African-American and is a former Atlanta, Georgia, Chief of Police, and former chairperson of the Clayton County Commission in Clayton County, Georgia. His mother, Kathy Pepino Guarini, is Italian American, and was a journalist for WTVM TV in Columbus, and later for CNN.

Who was the runner-up to Kelly Clarkson?

Justin Guarini
Clarkson came out on top in the amateur singing contest over 23-year-old runner-up Justin Guarini after millions of viewers cast their votes for her by phone. She was awarded a recording contract and went on to sell millions of albums and establish a successful music career.

Who is Justin Guarini married to?

Reina Capodicim. 2009
Justin Guarini/Spouse

The “From Justin to Kelly” star has since been active in musical theater, both on and off Broadway. He married wife Reina Capodici in September 2009, and welcomed his first child in 2011.

How much does the Dr Pepper guy make?

Pepper ads, is a former “American Idol” runner-up? Justin Guarini, who finished second to Kelly Clarkson in season one of the reality singing competition, has been playing that part since 2015. Reports estimate that he’s getting paid about $250,000 a year to appear in the somewhat bizarre series of spots.

Is the Dr Pepper guy Justin Guarini?

A Dr Pepper & Cream Soda commercial is making waves not only because it’s super hilarious, but because many people are watching the spot and thinking — Wait, I know those guys! Indeed, the two actors who sing a song about soda set to the tune of “Sister Christian” are Justin Guarini and Will Green.

Is Kelly Clarkson still friends with Justin Guarini?

Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson have since found love with other people. Though Guarini expressed his apparent heartbreak over his split from Clarkson during his one-man show, their breakup is now a thing in the past as he’s currently married and has two children with his wife of almost 11 years, Reina Capodici.