How much does a CRX HF weigh?

Curb weights

Manual Manual
1988 1,922 lb (872 kg) 1,819 lb (825 kg)
1989 2,048 lb (929 kg) 1,834 lb (832 kg)
1990–1991 2,103 lb (954 kg) 1,967 lb (892 kg)

How much does a 1987 CRX weigh?

According to Honda’s factory specifications, the 1987 Honda CRX weighed 1,830 pounds with a full tank of fuel, which makes it 824 pounds lighter than the CR-Z EX. The math says this means every one of the CRX Si’s 91 horses has to move 20.1 pounds of vehicle mass.

Who makes the CRX?

Honda Motor Company
Honda CR-X/Manufacturers

Is Honda bringing back CRX?

As of yesterday, Honda trademarked the CRX and CR-Z name again, which means the lovable little hatchbacks are making a return. Likely based on the Insight hybrid, the CR-Z should be powered by a 1.5-liter four cylinder with about 150 horsepower, and then an electric motor should boost it up to about 200.

How much is a CRX?

CRX Trims

Hatchback Original MSRP / Price Transmission
CRX 2dr Coupe 5-Spd $9,665 / $8,210 5-Speed Manual / 4-Speed Automatic
CRX 2dr Coupe Auto $10,265 / $8,720 5-Speed Manual / 4-Speed Automatic
CRX 2dr Coupe HF 5-Spd $9,400 / $7,985 5-Speed Manual
CRX 2dr Coupe Si $11,405 / $9,689 5-Speed Manual

What is the fastest car Honda makes?

Fastest Hondas In The World

  • #1. (16-) Honda NSX.
  • #2. Honda Civic Type R (FK8) With a top speed of 169 mph, the Honda Civic Type R takes joint second place.
  • #2. (17-20) Honda Civic Type R (FK8)
  • #4. (15-17) Honda Civic Type R (FK2)
  • #4. (02-05) Honda NSX (NA2)
  • #4. (97-02) Honda NSX (NA2)
  • #4. (95-97) Honda NSX (NA1)
  • #4. (95-97)

How tall is the first generation Honda CR-X?

First generation Length 3,675 mm (144.7 in) Width 1,625 mm (64.0 in) Height 1,290 mm (50.8 in) Curb weight 760–860 kg (1,676–1,896 lb)

What kind of engine does a Honda CR-X have?

The CR-X equipped with the 1.6 DOHC engine (ZC engine) or the 1.6 DOHC VTEC engine (B16A) came with a different hood since the B16A and ZC engines were taller and required additional hood clearances in comparison to the 1.6 SOHC engines.

How much does it cost to make a Honda CRX?

Project Synchronicity Honda Crx was a collaboration between American Honda and Racing Beat to install a second 1.5 liter engine with automatic transmission into the hatchback cargo area. The installation of the second powertrain “took six months and cost $20,000 dollars”.

When did the Honda CRX come out in America?

For the 1984 model year, Honda introduced an all-new two-seater that shared the drivetrain with the Civic but offered unique styling and interior furnishings. In North America, the CRX was marketed in two versions: economy and sport.