Can you still see flybys on Strava?

No One: Will be able to see you on Flybys, not even yourself. You can still view other athletes’ Flybys if they have the setting enabled.

What has happened to Strava flyby?

In response to the privacy concerns, Strava automatically turned off the flyby function for all users. A Strava spokesperson said via email, “As part of our ongoing commitment to privacy and safety, flyby sharing will be default off unless athletes choose to change it.

Why can’t I see flybys on Strava?

If your Strava activities are not showing you the link to your flybys, it’s all down to your privacy settings. There’s a specific tick box in relation to privacy of flybys, which affects whether your rides will show up at all within the flyby data. In Strava, click on your account, then on Settings, then on Privacy.

How do I see flyby on Strava?

Flyby is a Strava Labs tool that lets you playback your activity, as well as those near you, on a map and timeline. You can access your Flyby by clicking the button on your activity details page on the web. Alternatively, you can manually enter your activity ID into the Flyby tool.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Strava?

Someone you’ve blocked will be able to see your activity entry (summary) in public areas like segment leaderboards and segment explore however the blocked athlete will not be able to access your activity if they click on that entry. Removing or blocking a follower does not send a notification to the athlete.

Why does Strava say ran with someone?

The algorithm is asymmetric. For example, if you join someone for the last 5 miles of their 50-mile ride, it will say that you rode with them, but not that they rode with you. The algorithm is activity type agnostic (for example skiing can be matched with snowboarding).

Why does strava say ran with someone?

How do I cheat on Strava?

How to Report Cheating on Strava

  1. Find the segment time on the leaderboard and click through to view the Strava Activity page that you wish to flag.
  2. Use the ‘wrench’ icon at the left side of the page to select ‘Flag Ride/Run.
  3. Select the correct reason for the flag and leave descriptive and thorough comments.

Can anyone see my Strava?

Anyone wanting to follow you will have to be approved by you, and only those you approve can see your uploaded activities and photos. If Enhanced Privacy is switched off, then anyone can see your photos, see your full name and any logged-in Strava user can follow you and view your activities.

Can you tell if someone looks at your Strava?

If you join Strava and don’t lock down your account immediately, your tracked activities are visible to anyone with an internet connection. They even show up in Google searches. Strava started telling me about the activities of the friends of some of my friends.

Can you see if someone looks at your Strava?

You can also find the same info by going to “My Profile” in the upper right menu, then click the third tab labelled “Following” which is under any photos you have recently shared. Then choose “Following Me” from the dropdown box. Either way, you can see who is following you, and whether you follow them back or not.

How does Strava detect cheating?

An egregious amount of elapsed time is a sure-fire way to spot some intentional cheating. When running a virtual race, your watch starts and it doesn’t stop until you’re done the required distance – just like in a real race.