Who are the actors in the movie The trial?

The Trial (2014 film) The Trial. (2014 film) The Trial is a 2014 Philippine family-drama film directed by Chito S. Roño and starring John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Enrique Gil and Jessy Mendiola. It was produced and released by Star Cinema for its 20th Anniversary.

What are the reviews for the movie The trial?

Today, the film enjoys enthusiastic reviews; on Rotten Tomatoes, 87% of 31 critical reviews awarded the film a positive review, with an average rating of 7.5/10. Film critic Roger Ebert called the film “an exuberant use of camera placement and movement and inventive lighting,” awarding it a full four stars.

What’s the point of the book The trial?

The Trial is the chronicle of that intervening year of K.’s case, his struggles and encounters with the invisible Law and the untouchable Court. It is an account, ultimately, of state-induced self-destruction.

What was the world like in the trial?

The world of the movie is like a nightmare, with its hero popping from one surrealistic situation to another. Water towers open into file rooms, a woman does laundry while through the door a trial is under way, and huge trunks are dragged across empty landscapes and then back again.

Here is the official trailer of Star Cinema’s upcoming film “The Trial” featuring the powerhouse cast John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Jessy Mendiola, and Enrique Gil.

Who is Ronald in the trial the movie?

Ronald, a mentally handicapped student, is accused of raping Bessy, his tutor and school teacher. And when the school files a case against Ronald in an effort to throw him in prison, Ronald’s family is given precious few options in matters of legal defense. But as a 29-year-old grade seven student, Ronald is a “special case” in more ways than one.

Who was the mentally challenged man in the trial?

It was produced and released by Star Cinema for its 20th Anniversary. Ronald ( John Lloyd Cruz ), a mentally challenged man, was put into trial after allegedly raping his teacher Bessy ( Jessy Mendiola ).

Who is the villain in the trial series?

And as Amanda, Julian, and Ronald try to mount a convincing defense, they discover soon that they’re all connected in more ways than just the case. Dive back into your favorites as we round up all the best series returning to TV and streaming in 2021. Charlize Theron returns as the villain Cipher in F9.