What are the synonyms of timepass?

What is another word for timepass?

doing nothing useful procrastination
deferral doing nothing
pastime postponement
putting off stalling
waste of time wasting time

What is timepass relationship?

If you ranting about your day to your partner makes you feel like you are chewing the ears off them, then it’s a very tell tale sign of a time pass relationship. Because when true love brews in hearts, you would be more than happy to be a part of every day of your significant other’s existence.

Is time pass a word?

So yes, it exists. Two phrases exist in BE, but their meaning is not identical – “passing time” and “time-wasting”. There is no single word, which provides a good reason for Indians introducing one.

How do you use time pass in a sentence?

He audited a couple of classes and worked part time to make the time pass. In between, luxuriant stretches of time pass in which there is no action at all. She therefore graciously smiled, assented, chatted familiarly, and did all she could to make time pass imperceptibly.

How do you say time pass in English?

Time passing – thesaurus

  1. passing. noun. the process by which time passes.
  2. go by. phrasal verb. if time goes by, it passes.
  3. wear on. phrasal verb. if time wears on, it passes.
  4. tick away. phrasal verb. if time ticks away or ticks by, it passes.
  5. elapse. verb.
  6. intervene. verb.
  7. creep by. phrasal verb.
  8. slip by. phrasal verb.

What is the difference between lapse and elapse?

is that lapse is to fall away gradually; to subside while elapse is (of time) to pass or move by.

What does time pass mean in Urban Dictionary?

timepass (Noun) aimless or unproductive activity over an extended period How to pronounce timepass?

Is the word ” Timepass ” a word in India?

People in India use the word “timepass” a lot. It basically means spending time doing some unproductive work. But, I’m not sure whether it’s recognized as a word in English.

Are We missing a good definition for Timepass?

Are we missing a good definition for timepass? Don’t keep it to yourself… The ASL fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment.

Why do people use the Internet for Timepass?

Today first-time users from the vast swathe of rural areas are using the Internet for ‘ timepass ‘. In fact, the ubiquitous South Asian phenomenon of ‘ timepass ‘ and the carefree attitude it often spawns amounted to a rich, moving social commentary on the disappointed aspirations that students simultaneously nurtured and resented.