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Synchronized Notification Circuits, Fire Alarm Products, Multi-Candela Appliances
Audible and Strobe Appliances
Sync Modules, Power Supplies and Pull Stations
OSHA/Industrial, Telephone Signaling, Commercial Audio
Wireless and Mass Notification

Facility Communications, Audio Evacuation

Sync Modules

  • Series SM and DSM Sync Modules

Power Supplies

  • Series PS-12/24-8CP  Power Supply POWERPATH™
  • Series PS-12/24-8MP  Power Supply POWERPATH™ 

Pull Stations

  • Series MPS Manual Pull Station

SAFEPATH® 4 Multi-Function Facility Communications System

  • SAFEPATH® 4 Multi-Function Facility Communications System
  • SAFEPATH® 4 Audio & Audio/Strobe Boosters
  • SAFEPATH® 4 2-Zone Class A or 4-Zone Class B Speaker Audio Splitter
  • SAFEPATH® 4 Remote Microphone
  • SAFEPATH® 4 3 Message Expander Module 

SAFEPATH® Supervised Voice Evacuation/Audio & Paging

  • SAFEPATH® Dual Circuit System
  • SAFEPATH® Multi-Circuit System
  • SAFEPATH® Remote Circuit System
  • SAFEPATH® Remote Microphones
  • SAFEPATH® Modules, Message Kits, & Batteries 

VOICE Link Multi-Message, Monitoring & Reporting Systems

Push Stations

  • Series NPS Push Stations

Speakers and Speaker Strobes

  • Series E Low Profile Speakers & Speaker Strobes-Low Current Draw
  • Series ET Speakers & Speaker Strobes-Low Current Draw
  • Series ET Vandal Resistant Speakers & Speaker Strobes
  • Series S UL Listed 8`` Supervised Speaker and Strobes
  • Series E Amber & Blue Speaker Strobes 

Cluster Speakers

  • Series STH Cluster & STH Cluster with MAX Strobe Speakers
  • Series STH Weatherproof Cluster Speaker
  • Series STH-MCCH Cluster Speaker with MCCH Strobe 

Speaker Horn

  • Series STH-15S Supervised Speaker Horn 

Self Amplified Speakers & Speaker Strobes

  • Series SA-S Supervised Self-Amplified Speakers & Speaker Strobe

Sync Modules, Power Supplies and Pull Stations
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